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    Shopping Center Indoor Escalator
    Powerful technological strength. FUJITH escalator applies advanced design concept and manufacture technology. It features as smooth operation, low noise, durable, convenient repair etc.

    Found supreme quality
    鈼?Truss applies superior profile steel with unique structure, high intensity, thorough anti-rusting treatment, fine effect, long life.
    鈼?Outstanding international manufacture craft technology, tooling engineering guarantee accurate stairways.
    鈼?Strong CPU main board computer control executes real-time monitor to running conditions, It promptly and automatically stops upon any abnormal condition, It makes prompt and automatic record, displays trouble code.

    Outstanding technology
    Handrail entry safety protection
    Protection against risk of foreign matters being jammed into handrail entry.

    Cover-plate anti-reversal technology
    It applies 鈥渕ovable cover-plate hook-up device鈥? A strengthened hook-up device is installed respectively left and right of movable cover-plate. It ensures that frontline cover-plate is safe and firm under various conditions. It will not be reversed.

    Escalator Specification
    Static electricity protection—–Eliminate static electricity raised from running of steps.
    Emergency stop button—–Push the emergency stop button to shop the escalator/moving walk against emergency raise.
    Skirting protection—–Protection against risk of foreign bodies being jammed into clearance between steps and skirting.
    Handrail entry safety protection—–Protection against risk of foreign bodies being jammed into handrail entry.
    Main drive chains safety protection—–Protection against risk of drive chains being breakage or undue elongation.Discount Indoor Escalator