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    Single Girder Gantry Crane is a small and medium-sized crane with rail operation which applied with CD, MD model electric hoists. According to the different structural forms, it can be divided into the full-box gantry, truss-type gantry and box-typed beam with truss-type legs gantry. The equipment mainly composed of three parts: metal structure, mechanical and electrical system. The machine is suitable for factories, railway freight yards, port terminals, hydropower stations and other places. Referring to the different operation modes, it can be divided into indoor operation and ground control. The applicable lifting capacity is 3-32 tons with the applicable span is from 12 to 50 meters. In addition, the working environment temperature is between -20鈩?and +40鈩冦€?/p>

    Lifting Capacity(t)510162032
    Lifting Height(m)99999
    Crane Travelling Speed(m/min)20,3020,3020,3020,3020,30
    Electric HoistType No.CD1, MD1
    Lifting Speed(m/min)8/0.87/0.73.5/0.353.5/0.353.5/0.35
    Travelling Speed(m/min)2020202020
    Rail RecommendedP38P38P43P50P50
    Power Source3-Phase A.C.50Hz 380V
    Specific parameters depending on customers鈥?requirement.General Gantry Crane manufacturer