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    Our History
    Alpine mold is a professional mold and molding manufacturer with more than 100 employees. It is founded in 2002. At the beginning, we produced the molds and the molding parts for domestic companies, or some international trade companies. Now we are concentrated in international market. After more than 16 years’ development in this industry, we know the international mold standards well, such as: HASCO, DME, MISUMI, LKM. Until now, we have produced more than 5000 sets of molds and have been molding millions of products.
    Our Factory
    Alpine Mold is specialized in plastic injection mold and die casting mold. Located in Shenzhen, China. Alpine Mold covers an area or 3500 square meters with 3 floors.
    The whole first floor is for mold making, the second is for production and the third is for warehouse.
    As an enterprise, Alpine Mold has our own enterprise culture, including army culture, school culture and family culture.
    Army culture: To finish the task on time without any excuse.
    Family Culture: Your business is my business. All employees in Alpine Mold form a big family.
    School culture: There is an saying in China say that “you will never be too old to study”. So Alpine Mold will usually gather the workers together to study inside and outside our company. The study includes the working skills, management skills and some of our Chinese traditional culture.
    Our Product And Product Application
    Alpine Mold is a customized mold and molding manufacturer, so our products reach to a big range of application. Such as medical parts, household parts, auto parts, electronic parts etc.
    1. Medical Components:
    2. Household Components:
    3. Automotive Components:
    Our Certificate
    Alpine Mold is strongly committed to quality control. In 2017, we got the ISO9001:2015 certification.
    And in 2018, the boss Richard Lei realized if we want to win more international market, we have to do something. So Alpine Mold invest money to do SGS verification to show to customers that we are a real professional factory, and finally, we passed it.
    We also have our own enterprise culture, army culture, family culture and school culture. For army culture, it means if we promise it, we will finish it on time without any excuse. For family culture, all the workers of Alpine Mold is a big family. It means that “Your business is also my business”, when you have any need, we will do our best to help you. And the final one, school culture. There is an saying in China say that “you will never be too old to study”. So Alpine Mold will usually gather the workers together to study inside and outside our company. The study includes the working skills, management skills and some of our Chinese traditional culture.
    Production Equipment
    In order to guarantee good mold and product quality, Alpine Mold has imported a lot of high precision tooling machines from Taiwan and Japan, including High Speed CNC, Mirror EDM, Wire Cutting Machine, and CMM Inspection Machines and so on. And To improve our production capacity and efficiency, these years we have introduced in several plastic injection machines. By now, we have 13 plastic injection machines in total in our factory. The largest injection machines is 650T, and the smallest is 50T.
    Production Market
    During the first 3 years after Alpine Mold is established, our main market is domestic companies and some local trading companies. But after 16 years of development. Alpine Mold our main market is in USA, it takes 50%, the second is Spain, Italy and Germany, taking 10% respectively. The third is UK and other countries, taking 10% in total. Besides the foreign market, we also have our local China market, it also takes 10%.
    Our Service
    As a professional mold manufacturer, Alpine Mold provide one-stop service for customers.
    1. Quotation:
    First, Alpine Mold received your request for quotation and design files and give you a detailed quotation. Usually we will give you a detailed quotation sheet within 2 days. During this period, if your products have problem in demolding, Our engineers will make a report to show you the details and provide our suggestions to modify.
    2. Mold Design:
    Once you approve the order, Alpine Mold will start the mold deign, it needs about 3 days, because at the beginning of each project, our engineer need to sit together and have a meeting to find a best solution for the mold design. After finished the mold design, we will send you a 3D mold assembly drawing for you to check and confirm.
    3. Mold Making:
    As soon as you confirmed the mold assembly drawing, Alpine Mold will purchase steel material and give you a schedule about your project. After that, we will start the mold making. During the mold making, we will send you weekly report each week to show you the mold making progress.
    4. Mold Test:
    When the mold is finished, we will have the first mold trial. Then our QC will do inspection to the samples appearance and dimensions. And we send you 15-20 samples to check and test together with our inspection report.
    5. Production:
    If you think the sample is good, then we will do the mass production as required. And if the samples are rejected, we will modify our molds. By the way, if you need only mold, we will arrange the shipment to send the molds to you after you confirmed the samples.
    When the production finished, we will pack the goods and deliver it according to your requirement. Meanwhile, we will send you the packing pictures.
    Send us your inquiry, and we give you a detailed quotation first.Router Plastic Shell Mold suppliers