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    Application: Automobile Brake System
    Production process: Die Forging
    Material: 40Cr (or material grade as per customer’s request)
    QMS/Qualification: TS16949
    The function of driveshaft slip yoke is to makes the total length of the driveshaft telescopic, so as to ensure that no motion interference occurs under the condition that the relative position of the transaxle and the gearbox often changes.
    With the improvement of driver’s requirement on automobile comfort, noise abatement becomes more and more important. The driveshaft slip yoke and the main driveshaft are connected by spline, the driveshaft slip yoke and the main driveshaft have a relative reciprocating sliding along the axial direction, which is easy to generate noise during the sliding process and increase the driving noise of the car. Therefore, we continuous optimize the design, production process and processing accuracy, so as to minimize the impact of friction noise. low price Die Forging